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At Curro, we understand that learners have unique interests and life goals. That’s why all our high school learners can enjoy personalised learning with elective subjects beyond what is offered at their school. These subjects are presented through professional online learning on Microsoft Teams and Moodle. Lessons take place during the school day and are recorded for revision purposes, and some lessons are self-directed with supervision. At the end of Grade 12, learners still write the matric examinations (IEB or NSC) at their schools of enrolment. These subjects may be chosen as part of learners’ regular elective subjects, or as eighth, ninth or tenth subjects after school hours. Taking these subjects may carry an additional cost.


How do you take additional subjects online at Curro?

These subjects can be seen as part of the learner’s regular school schedule – they are simply taken online. Learners apply to their school to take one of these subjects and remain enrolled at their school. Though lessons take place online, learners get the same quality education they would have with in-class lessons. Lessons take place through live lessons with teachers in a ten-day cycle consisting of 10 periods. Of these periods, five are presented through live lessons by the teacher, while the other five consist of tutorials with tutors at the ready to provide support. Also, as with regular elective subjects, learners move to a dedicated classroom for these lessons.

Regular assignments, tests and exams continue to take place, and the results appear on the learners' regular school reports. Furthermore, all lessons are recorded and uploaded to Moodle for research and revision purposes – further enhancing the personalised learning experience.


How do learners access material online?

All live lessons are conducted online through MS Teams or Moodle, and learners can use these platforms at any time of day to access recorded lessons and material online. This further solidifies learners’ personalised learning choices and allows them to learn at their own pace while receiving quality education. Moodle is a platform specifically created to facilitate online learning. The programme enables a teacher to create online lessons, add assignments, and track a learner’s progress. Moodle also enables communication with learners and encourages communication between learners in forums and discussions.


What do you need for online learning?

As the subjects are exclusively taken online, learners need the required tools to succeed. The following tools are required:

  • Laptops or electronic devices are necessary, as according to the specifications set by Curro.
  • Learners should provide their own earphones or headsets.
  • Self-discipline and working at a self-driven pace is required, otherwise learners may fall behind.


Subjects available

The subjects below are available as part of this initiative, but schools may choose to offer only specific subjects. Refer to your preferred school’s webpage and fees letter to discover the additional elective subjects they offer.


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