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Curro Choice – more subjects at your child’s fingertips

What if you could give your child a wider array of subjects to choose from, even if their school doesn't offer these subjects? With Curro Choice, a unique service offered at 63 Curro schools, you can! Through this service, learners can choose from 23 subjects, classes take place through live lessons with Curro teachers, and the marks reflect on their regular report cards.

‘Curro Choice is not a separate school; it is just a service provider that offers subjects that might not be available at a learner's school,’ said Ferdi Niemand, Executive Head of Curro Choice. ‘Learners remain enrolled at their school, they have projects, tests, and examinations as usual, and they still write the NSC or IEB exam they would otherwise have at the end of Grade 12.’ These subjects include Dance Studies, French Conversation, isiZulu, Visual Arts, and more!

The learning management system, Moodle, is an incredible resource that stores each learner’s scores from activities and tasks they submit on the system. Teachers can easily see a learner’s progress and provide them with feedback and assistance in the areas where they need help. During lessons, teachers make sure that learners stay engaged and actively participate in class discussions.

Curro Choice's virtual teaching approach enhances Curro's academic offering. It isn't meant to replace a brick-and-mortar school, but rather to extend the opportunities for we can offer our learners. Several schools also have a dedicated ‘Choice room’ to which learners move when it’s time for a virtual lesson.

Furthermore, Curro has partnered with Yenza, a career-guidance platform. This resource will be available to all Grade 9 learners and will assist them in making informed subject choices as they move into Grade 10. Yenza will even highlight the possibility of choosing subjects offered by Curro Choice.

Find your nearest preferred Curro school, or read more about how your child can choose and take subjects offered through Curro Choice.