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Curro's play-based journey from preschool to Grade R

Did you know that a child's self-esteem, which is the foundation for a lifetime of success, takes root long before they step into a Grade 1 classroom? A 2015 University of Washington study revealed that children's self-esteem is already forming as early as age five. This invaluable confidence is nurtured through play, and leading independent education provider Curro, understands the profound impact play-based learning has on preschool and Grade R learners.

Starting on the Path to Lifelong Confidence

We aren’t talking about just child's play; at Curro, play is a crucial aspect of early childhood development. Studies show that play enhances brain development and equips adults with vital skills such as problem-solving and stress management. It's a universal need, but its significance is most profound during the formative years.

Curro understands the power of play and has integrated it into both their preschool and Grade R curriculum. Through play, children learn to be creative, think critically, collaborate with others, and communicate effectively. These skills set them up for future academic success and ensure they become accomplished, self-assured adults.

Preschool: Where Play Sparks Brilliance

Preschool is a realm where young minds blossom through play. While it may seem like chaotic fun, each moment of play is a deliberate step towards holistic development. Take, for instance, a child in a sandbox, carefully pouring sand into a bucket. In that seemingly simple act, they're invaluable skills like hand-eye coordination, something that will serve them well throughout their academic journey.

“Young children need the freedom to explore, experiment, and think creatively. They must experience the world, learn, and develop the way they know best – through play. Even a scribble lays the foundation for solid writing skills in the coming years. By fostering creative thinking from an early age, Curro's preschoolers enter primary school with a firm head start," explains Janet Beyrooti, Preschool Curriculum Manager at Curro Holdings.

Grade R: Bridging the Gap Through Play

The link between preschool and Grade 1 is Grade R, a pivotal year in a child's education. It's here that Curro employs a play-based approach to enrich their national CAPS-based curriculum. This innovative approach is designed to empower children physically and mentally as they transition to a more formal learning environment.

“At Curro, we recognise that some children may not be ready for formal activities like sitting at a desk or completing worksheets when they enter Grade R, and that’s ok. Initially, our play-based learning approach specifically focuses on physical development, such as core strength and balance, to prepare learners for longer days in the classroom. As the year progresses, we introduce more formal activities like emergent reading and mathematics, all within the framework of play,” explains Susan Burgess, Foundation Phase Curriculum Manager at Curro Holdings.

Through this balanced approach, Curro ensures that every child, regardless of their needs and readiness, fully benefits from play-based learning. As Burgess notes, "Grade R is the foundation for everything that follows. It's a journey, and play-based learning is the path to confident and capable learners."

At Curro, a transformative education begins at the get-go, through play-based learning. Not only does it allow young learners to find their voices, explore their potential, and embark on a journey towards lifelong confidence, but it also allows them to thrive through the magic of play.

Embrace the power of play and unlock your child's potential with Curro today - where play with purpose fuels success.

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