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Curro and Isizwe R5 Wi-Fi empowered a young entrepreneur to make her business dreams come true!

Curro has partnered with an incredible organisation called Isizwe R5 Wi-Fi. Their aim is to have a Wi-Fi hotspot available within walking distance of everyone in South Africa. Being connected brings endless opportunities for the user and allows for education to continue no matter where you are! The first hotspot in collaboration with Curro is in Protea Glen. Isizwe’s head of marketing, Siobhan Thatcher, told us about a partnership between them and a young entrepreneur who is inspiring her community – and is connected through Isizwe R5 Wi-Fi.

At the age of 19, Keitumetse Segaetsho knew that she wanted to do something for her community to create employment opportunities. She has a passion for radio and decided to go out on a limb to start Glen Radio, an online radio station run from her office in Protea Glen, Johannesburg. Two years after the vision was born her dream finally came true in May 2021.

Running a daily, 12-hour radio station with 21 presenters and over 2 200 listeners is no easy feat. Since Keitumetse chose to go the online route, the venture took a financial strain with the exorbitant rate of data costs she was needing to fork out every month. Keitumetse then approached Isizwe to see if a partnership would be a possibility and Isizwe leapt at the opportunity to get involved with this incredible young entrepreneur. They are now supplying uncapped data to power her station!

Along with providing employment opportunities, her radio station aims to encourage and inspire families in her community. ‘It has been a tough season and we could all use a little bit of hope. This is what I trust Glen Radio can bring to my listeners’.