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Curro Aurora learner’s music now on major streaming platforms

Becca Lee Arthur has always had a passion for music, and her new music is now available for you to listen to on a variety of digital platforms.

The Curro Aurora High School learner in Grade 9 is a talented young singer and songwriter, who said she had been singing since she was three years old.

According to Curro Aurora’s Mageshree Tandree, Arthur not only sings but writes her own material as well.

The first time she was recognised for her singing talent was in 2016 when she won the vocalist category in Kids with Talent SA. This led to her first recording of a cover and her first music video as well.

At the age of 11 she recorded her first original song.

She has competed in various competitions and, thanks to the prize money she received, she was able to contribute to pay for the recording of her second original song in 2018. She has also been invited to represent South Africa in the USA through the South African Championship of Performing Arts.

Lockdown has not stopped this talented performer as she has used the time in lockdown to craft her writing skills and refined her choices to what she considers to be music that is more authentic to herself.

“Currently she is working with a guitarist on new material and as a school, we so are excited to hear what the group creates,” added Tandree.

Becca Lee joins fellow Aurora songstress Kiara Fryer in Grade 11, who have now both released singles on Apple Music, Spotify and other platforms available to download.