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Curro Century City celebrates 17-year-old published author


In the Middle East, a nation is at war itself. A council from the U.N. must come to a decision to deal with the matter, but not all members agree. The neighbouring nation's king has a long-term relation with the troubled country. The king's right hand must make sure his country's interests are protected, regardless of the costs.


Amazon’s summary above of King’s Right Hand, a fiction novel written by Curro Century City learner Ameer Allie, as published in January this year. Ameer wrote the book in a mere six months, although the idea and plot had been in development for the better part of two years.


Curro Century City hosted the official book launch on Thursday, 5 May 2022, with renowned South African author Yusuf Daniels (Living Lekka and Living Coloured) and the Deputy Director of Economic Development and Tourism Rashid Toefy in attendance. Ameer engaged in conversation with Yusuf Daniels in front of an audience filled with proud parents and community members. As a testament to his character, Ameer remained humble and comfortable while in conversation. The discussion ensured some light-hearted humour, as the audience enjoyed the delightful art of conversation perfectly executed in classic Yusuf Daniels style.


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Original article written by Sebastiaan Agulhas