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Curro Heuwelkruin learner inspires tomorrows learners

Although the Gr 11 learner at Curro Heuwelkruin is not a part of any modelling agency, she intends to become part of one soon. “I am really considering it to join a modelling school after the recent pageants I took part in.”

Kwena drew inspiration from a school community service project called #studentshelpingstudents for her pageant project.  

“I decided to do a project to promote women empowerment as women are still looked down upon in today’s society.  In South Africa almost 30% of girls don’t go to school due to their monthly visit from ‘Aunty Flow’ and a lack of required toiletries. I want to flatten the curve, even if it is just in my home town. I raised money with a ‘wear pink for breast cancer awareness day’ campaign and with help from a few of my friends and my Kruinie family, I managed to buy over 500 sanitary towels which I donated to two schools in neighbouring villages as well as one in another town.”

She says she decided on this project as the youth of today are tomorrow’s leaders. “In a private school we forget that we are privileged enough to have the smallest of necessities that others don’t have. I want to use my privilege as a girl helping other girls through fundraisers for basic necessities like sanitary towels.

I understand their struggles. This encourages girls to look beyond their circumstances and work towards the greater goal, which is to become the strong independent female leaders we know they can become.”

If she wins, Kwena plans to use most of her prize money toward the #studentshelpingstudents campaign, as it is essential to give back to the community that uplifts you. “The title of Miss Limpopo Province will give me a platform to help inform people of the issues my campaign targets.

If there was a public voting platform I would want people to vote for me because I am truly passionate about helping others. Knowing the impact I have on girls’ lives and seeing the smiles on their faces really warms my heart. I want to have bigger opportunities to help more students in need and I believe that the Miss Limpopo Province platform will help me to do so.”

In her free time Kwena likes to bake. This is not only because she gets to eat all the baked goods, but she loves the science behind baking and the focus needed. She also plays hockey.


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