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Curro Hillcrest learners raise funds for the Frontline Friends Foundation

CURRO Hillcrest Christian Academy spread the love during its Valentine’s Day festivities by raising R5 671 for the Frontline Friends Foundation.

The school held a civvies day to raise money for the local foundation and, during the week, the learners loving crafted letters, bookmarks, drawings and words of encouragement, love and hope. These little handmade items, along with chocolates and treats, would be given to hundreds of healthcare heroes.


Hayley Asbury from Frontline Friends Foundation said, “We are speechless with the amount of hours and intense effort Curro’s teachers and learners, both in the junior and senior primary, went to. There is no word big enough to express our level of gratitude towards these gifts of kindness. All the children had huge smiles on their faces and you could clearly see that love was indeed filling the air in both the classrooms and on the playgrounds. Thank you from the bottom of our heart.”