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Great leader joins Curro Jewel City

Mr Makhafola joined them from nearby Curro New Road, which also follows Curro’s DigiEd approach.

With his unique combination of interests and attributes – ranging from an in-depth understanding of pedagogical development to adjudication of performing arts on a national level.

During his time at Curro New Road, he pioneered their art programme in a digital space and helped to facilitate their project-based learning approach within the DigiEd approach.

A Setswana speaker who is also fluent in English and written Zulu, Mr Makhafola uniquely understands the historical and current theoretical planning models and approaches for developmental pedagogy.

Beyond his work, he values community service and has a great appreciation for the performing arts.

At Curro Jewel City, primary-school learners enjoy uninterrupted online learning within the school’s learning space, while high-school learners follow Curro’s unique DigiEd approach.

Through these approaches, learners are prepared for the workplace of the future and gain highly specialised 21st-century skills.