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Jill of all traits – master of all

Choosing to practise law is already no small task; doing so while working as a freelance artist and also studying towards a master’s degree almost sounds impossible. But this is exactly what Aniel Opperman, a former Curro Hazeldean learner, is pulling off!

Aniel is currently working as a candidate attorney at a law firm in Brooklyn (Pretoria) and as a freelance artist while completing her master’s degree in air and space law. She credits Curro Hazeldean for laying a strong foundation and helping her achieve her dreams. ‘My high school provided an environment which awakened interests and passions that still keep me going as a person.’

This powerhouse of a young lady completed her Grade 12 year at Curro Hazeldean in 2013, and her first memory of school was the atmosphere. ‘It was clear from day one that the school was focused on making its learners thrive in a safe environment.’ Aniel sure did thrive and has many fond memories of her school career. Playing for the Curro national netball team, working in the school restaurant, and developing a love for the English language and classic literature are just some of the highlights she mentions. ‘Taking Visual Arts as an elective subject and developing my talents has had an immense impact on my life,’ says Aniel, who is inspired by authors, artists and those who have the courage to pursue their dreams. ‘I find most of my inspiration in the pages of books. It could be a memoir about experiences during WWII, the works of Leo Tolstoy, Alexandre Dumas or Fyodor Dostoyevsky, stories in recipe books, or even the pages of courtroom anecdotes.’

After Grade 12 Aniel went on to study at the University of Pretoria where she completed her LLB and coursework for her LLM (on international air, space and telecommunications law). Her LLM dissertation is being written under the supervision of a professor at Cologne University’s Institute of Air and Space Law in Germany. ‘I plan on becoming an admitted legal practitioner and then pursuing a career in international law while growing my freelance art business. One day I also want to publish a book, possibly my own cookbook.’

Aniel’s love for words (and justice) can definitely be seen in the way she describes her dreams for our country: ‘I hope that corruption will no longer thrive in the shadows. I hope that crime will be addressed in a way that will ensure both justice and rehabilitation to uplift communities and allow safety and security to settle in our cities.’ We are certain that Aniel will help make her dreams for our country a reality and we will keep a close on eye on her.