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International accreditation for Curro Aurora cheer coach

 Curro Aurora Stardust girls get lifted high in an acrobatic display in a 2018 performance. Photo: Reuven Blignault


Curro Aurora is proud to announce that after years of impressive cheer coaching and choreography, school coach Levi Martins has gained international credentials in cheerleading.

The International Cheer Union, who governs cheerleading internationally, has a seven-level graded coaching course, which Martins mastered.

He said, “I took the opportunity of challenging and bettering myself on all levels and attempted to complete the course – each level required a specific exposure or coaching hours per level.”

Martins said that each level had an online examination with a 75 per cent pass mark to progress onto the live practical session.

“During the Covid-19 lockdown, I challenged myself as well as the credentialing officers to push to the limit and complete the course in four weeks, each day reading and studying coaching techniques and guidelines, which encompassed many stunting, tumbling and pyramid building skills,” said Martins.

He said that the journey and opportunity to participate in it was invaluable.

“I am so blessed to bring some refreshing brushed-up techniques and skills back to Curro Aurora and abroad, coaching is just one of my passions along with the desire to continuously grow within the sporting fraternity,” he added.

The school has been involved in competing in cheerleading for the past number of years, and each year the school has over 120 learners trying out to compete for a spot in the cheer teams.

According to Martins, this type of cheerleading takes many hours of practising to work towards precise perfection and skill.

“At our school, cheerleading at an internal level has become highly competitive. I would like to thank Curro for providing a platform for youngsters to develop these skills and grow the sport starting at the primary school level.”

Curro Aurora Primary School girls from the Stardust team get thrown high for a basket toss in a 2018 performance. Photo: Reuven Blignault

Girls from the high school co-ed cheerleading team Curro Blues get lifted high in a cheerleading demonstration for the school in a 2018 performance. Photo: Reuven Blignault

Curro Aurora cheerleading coach Levi Martins. Photo: Reuven Blignault