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Meet Curro Klerksdorp's hockey captain

Meet Curro Klerksdorp’s hockey captain: Zane Lebeko

Position: Forward

What makes it special to play for Curro Klerksdorp’s first team? The friendships and tight unity amongst the team members is everlastingly growing which creates a sense of brotherhood.

What would you consider the strong points of your team this year?

  • The team can stretch the field effectively.
  • We have a good understanding of spatial awareness.
  • The team has constructive structure and we use our tactical style of play to benefit our score outcome.

What motivates you to give your best on the field week after week? The desire of our team to become one of the top hockey sides locally and potentially nationally. My mindset is to always give my best on the field as I know that will always assist me to be a step closer to achieving my personal goals/objectives.

Your team has been together for 5 years. What makes your team special? We all have the same objectives of reaching our team goals. Everyone in the team aims to motivate, trust and build up each other continuously, instead of breaking each other down or blaming each other for unnecessary things. All of this helps each individual play confidently.

What has been your team’s greatest achievement over the past 5 years? We played two matches before the latest sports lockdown against Hoërskool Lichtenburg and Hoërskool Wesvalia, winning both matches comfortably.

Who is the joker of the team and why? I would like to personally think I am the joker of the team as it is in my nature to make people smile. I tend to make jokes at practices and off the field as I know that it can help uplift the team’s spirit whenever they are feeling at their lowest.

What is the most enjoyable time after a match? While the team warms up, we always motivate each other, show enthusiasm about the game and set the objectives. The aim is to get in the zone while our coach gives his pre-match discussions that help us with motivation and show excitement for the game ahead.

Who was your matric hero in Gr 8/Gr9? Lerato Mahole was my role model. She had played for the 1st Girl’s Team at Curro Klerksdorp and was consistently motivating me to do better in my hockey game. I really enjoyed her style of play, leadership style and attitude towards hockey as I knew I could use those attributes when I had a chance to be a captain.