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Watch the livestream of the final rounds of the Curro Cup eSports Minecraft tournament: 15 July

Online tournament a game-changer for Minecraft enthusiasts

Curro Sport, in collaboration with Curro Technology, will be hosting the first ever Curro Cup Minecraft tournament from 13 to 15 July. Due to COVID-19, this tournament will be hosted online via Microsoft Teams, and is organised by Bertus Liebenberg from Curro Aurora and Magdeleen de Kock from Curro Krugersdorp. The semi-finals and finals will be livestreamed (see links below), so you will have the unique opportunity of watching and supporting participating teams.

In a first for the Curro community, fourteen under-12 and fifteen under-14 teams, representing their respective Curro schools, will battle it out under the leadership of their team managers for the coveted national titles – to be crowned the Under-12 and Under-14 Minecraft Champion School. Curro Cup Minecraft floating trophies will be awarded to the respective schools and the top three teams in each age group will be rewarded with gold, silver and bronze pins.

For programme details, participating schools, build themes and more, click here.

Be sure to catch the live action at the following links: