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Curro Create

Curro Create is the creative engine within the Curro group of schools and is guided by only one question, ‘what is good for the creative child?’. Through various national projects, Curro Create helps learners develop their creative 21st-century skills to their full potential. Powered by theatre-makers Hennie van Greunen and Pedro Kruger from Wordsmith’s Theatre Factory, Curro Create runs several national initiatives that help our learners to discover and develop their creativity in performing arts and a wide range of other disciplines. 


Curro Arts Superhero (CAS) 

Curro Arts Superhero is an internal creative mentorship platform with a grading element, where learners from Grades 4 to 12 are encouraged to discover, develop and display their inherent creative talents. The categories allow submissions of work in widely varied creative fields and allow great scope for forms of artwork that interest each individual child. Learners are also personally mentored by category professionals to ensure that their creative interests are continuously developed. 


Curro Arts Superhero has two broad categories: 

The performance category 
This category includes acting, dancing, singing, reading, spelling, performances by instrumentalists, choirs and bands, and a range of artistic media ranging from ceramics and painting to sculpting and costume design. These entries are evaluated in real time by a national panel at Curro schools across the country. 


The submission category 
This category includes filmmaking, writing, poetry, photography, and social media skills such as vlogging, Instagram accounts and social-media campaigns. These entries are submitted via email/electronic media and evaluated off-campus. 

Learners who are awarded the highly sought-after Kryptonite certificate and badge (95% and higher) may be invited to form part of the subsequent national Kryptonite Concert.


Kryptonite Concert (KrypCon) 

The Kryptonite Concert is a showcase of the best talent Curro has to offer – as determined by the preceding Curro Arts Superhero (CAS) – and participating learners are further mentored during the rehearsal process. The concert runs for three nights, in Cape Town and Gauteng respectively, and boasts professional-level choreography, lighting, stage design and live performances, all performed or executed by Curro learners. 

Visit Curro Create’s YouTube channel to see more of our creative learners in action. 


Curro Create National Youth Theatre Festival (CCNYTF) 

The Curro Create National Youth Theatre Festival allows primary and high schools to enter a one-act play in any genre as well as any official language, or combination of languages. The regional rounds take place in KwaZulu-Natal, Gauteng, the Western Cape and Namibia. The top plays are invited to participate in the final round, after which the national winners are announced. 

The process involves world-class mentorship for participating learners and schools, with access to some of the most acclaimed young theatre-makers in the country. Recent mentor-adjudicators include the likes of Vinette Ebrahim, Terence Bridgett and Mahlatsi Mokgonayana. 


Bi-annual national concerts 

As part of an ongoing focus on theatre and performing arts, Curro Create produces a bi-annual national concert showcasing enthusiastic Curro learners from across the country. Under the guidance of professional directors and choreographers, along with professional-level costumes, lighting and stage design, this project allows learners to share a stage with some of the most renowned names in the industry. 

Starting with the 2018 #Currage Concert – the inaugural production celebrating Curro’s 20 years of existence – the production for 2020 was From Broadway to Bird Street, which saw learners performing alongside renowned vocal artists such as Corlea Botha, Lynelle Kenned and Timothy Moloi. 


Visit your school of choice to find out how they participate in these Curro Create programmes.